Dietitians and other Nutrition Professionals

Kalix’s unique standardised documentation feature offers a simple way to incorporate NCPT and the Nutrition Care Process into your everyday practice.

Nutrition Care Process

Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) are standardised terms designed to guide dietitians and other nutrition professionals through the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) to deliver evidence-based healthcare.

NCPT reports

Kalix’s NCPT report feature allows the effortless adoption of NCPT and NCP. The creation of standardised documentation is quick and easy without requiring a background knowledge of the terminology. Kalix’s intuitive design along with guided help assists you to generate client reports. Use the NCPT Dictionary to search for terms using keyword searches. Definitions to all of the 977 NCPT terms are available. Client data can also be entered in any order and reports are automatically generated in ADIME format.

Kalix’s NCPT reports aim to save you time by limiting the amount of free text needed to be entered, instead dropdown boxes, tickboxes and autofill are used to select common answers. Sentences are auto-generated using the client data you input and detailed documentation is created. Use for client medical records, letters to the referrer or care plans. Export to Word and Print.

Configurable report templates

Kalix also offers configurable report templates, a flexible documentation tool that allows you to design your own custom templates using NCPT. Write client reports the way you want, design report templates to suit your personal preferences. Alternatively, use the default NCPT template to get started immediately.

Client resources and evidenced based guidelines

Kalix links NCPT terms to applicable client resources and evidenced based guidelines, allowing you speedy access to the most up-to-date information.

Evidence-based practice

Effective use of the NCPT functions within Kalix will promote evidence-based practice and recognition of the results you have achieved with each client. It will also aid in creating uniformity amongst nutrition professionals, making it easier to competently pick up client cases when required to do so. The industry as a whole can progress if an international uptake of NCPT is adopted.

Track client progress

Soon Kalix will offer nutrition professionals an additional client progress function. Track your clients’ improvements from their initial contact through reviews and re-assessments. Kalix’s inbuilt statistical analysis of client NCPT reports makes it incredibly easy to measure and record client outcomes. Evaluate your effectiveness as a clinician and the effectiveness of particular interventions you employ. Kalix’s integrated client, documentation and practice management solution makes outcome analysis simple.

Especially for dietitians and other nutrition professionals

  • Effortless integration of the Nutrition Care Process into your everyday practice
  • NCPT reports simplifies medical note documentation
  • ADIME-friendly format options to create standardised reports
  • Configurable report templates to design your own report using NCPT
  • NCPT Dictionary allow you to find specific NCPT terms and definitions using keyword searches
  • Client resources and evidenced based guidelines, Kalix links to the most up-to-date information